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About Me ...

Vanessa is a certified NUTRITIONIST since 2009, and an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Practitioners in the USA and Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals.

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Her mission is to EMPOWER you with KNOWLEDGE, debunk MYTHS, and provide you with CLINICAL INSIGHTS.


Being a proud mother of 4 wonderful children, Vanessa has gained invaluable hands-on experience with picky eaters and combines this with well researched methods that have proven results.

Vanessa thrives on helping families to become healthier, one meal at a time.  



* Meal plan

* Recipes

* Template to track noval food exposure

* Grocery Suggestions

* Creative ways to introduce novel foods 


- practice newly taught method within ONLY ONE meal of the day;

-        this is the least ‘stressful’ approach as perceived by the child;

-        most manageable approach from parents’/caregivers' perspective.



VIRTUAL consultations are provided as an option to support busy parents/caregivers, and by doing this, it has created a space for clients to enjoy a consultation whilst baby naps, during lunch breaks, on public transport/in the car, and even on a WEEKEND!

FOOD for the SOUL

It became evident in childhood that Vanessa's passion lay in natural and nutritional therapies, where she would soak up information from health books and found a calming therapy in paging through recipe books, while ignited inspiration in her. 


In her spare time, you will find her in the kitchen recreating recipes, designing healthy snacks and meals for her family and friends; keeping up-to-date with evidence based research

or walking her dog in nature.  

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