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Family life was not supposed to feel so stressful and exhausing - surely?! 

Social gatherings of any kind would end in disaster as an earth shattering tantrum from one of my children would leave me doing the walk of shame as I would carry her away from the situation - screaming, kicking, and completely out of control.


Why was my child irritable, frustrated, inflexible, angry, aggressive, bouncing with energy, teary, moody and unable to regulate her emotions like other children her age?


Exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, sad and riddled with guilt for the time and energy my one child demanded, and for the stress each family member experienced, I put everyone else's needs before my own - as mothers selflessly tend to do. 


Being a passionate Nutritional Therpiast, I was eager to study the scientific literature on how food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, digestive and absorbancy dysfunction, and an imbalance in gut flora may all contribute to behavioural and developmental delays in children. 

I always knew I would learn from having children, I just was not expecting the depth of experience that became my journey, my story. 


My child is in RECOVERY due to the diet and lifestyle changes we, as a family, implemented.

Family trips, vacations and even birthday parties can now be enjoyed without my child's inability to cope which resulted in her experiencing emotional flooding. In fact, I am proud to report that she is now the calmest child at the party and at school!

We have a functional family! 


I have realised the incredible value of self care as a mother, so I can continue to be the pillar of strength my family leans on.

Chronic stress impeded my digestive function and absorption of nutrients and left me with nutritional deficiencies, presenting me with symptoms such as fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sleep issues and contributed to hormonal imbalances.

I have worked diligently on correcting these deficiences and supporting the body systems which took strain, so in turn my body provided me with energy an improved ability to cope with stress.

The learning experience was invaluable and I look forward to sharing my extensive knowledge with other moms and caregivers. 

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