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Easy Homemade Salad Dressing

Can also be enjoyed on baked potatoes, sweet potato and over cooked vegetables

1 cup flaxseed oil - lovely nutty flavour

(Variations - extra virgin olive oil, hemp, grape seed, pumpkin seed or mixture of oils)

¼ cup cloudy apple cider vinegar (and/or lemon juice)

1 tsp wholegrain mustard (optional)

1-2 crushed garlic cloves

1-2 tsp dried Italian herbs or 1-2 TBSP fresh herbs (parsley, basil, etc)

Himalayan rock salt and pepper to taste

Shake well or blend, pour in a bottle and refrigerate (use within 2 weeks).

Optional blend 2 TBSP smooth cottage cheese/cream cheese or dairy alternative cheese spread; OR plain/nature yoghurt or dairy yoghurt alternative for a creamy dressing.

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